MSP – MediaShooter Pro


Released in 2003 and installed in over 8500 radio stations, MediaShooterPro has become the standard of the radio industry for content distribution and delivery.

MediaShooterPro is a fully automatic system for customized delivery of national network content to radio stations. From commercials to long form programming, MediaShooterPro will deliver it all to where a station needs it. Networks can be assured that the correct audio is going only to the station that it was intended eliminating the chance of wrong audio being aired. Stations know when they need to find their content, it is where it should be.


Installed as a Microsoft Windows Service, MediaShooter will automatically download all content that is provided to Mr. Master from various Network Providers. It will place the files anywhere on the local network that the user designates.

E-mail alerts are sent to the user alerting them of the forthcoming distribution and after the completion of the distribution.

The MediaShooterPro GUI allows the user to check the status of distributions, re-send content (for those files that were accidentally deleted and show a history of all downloads.. It also contains all the user parameters for the software. Since it is installed as a service, the GUI can be open or closed as the user wishes.